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Charleston (WV) Travel Guide

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Charleston is the capital and largest city of the US state of West Virginia. The city’s history began in 1794 with a decision in the Virginia legislature to reserve an area for the city of Charlestown. The city was established, and it was renamed Charleston in 1818. In the first half of the 19th century, there were established a school, a newspaper and various production and trade, and the city had approximately 1,000 inhabitants in the middle of the century.

During the American Civil War, the western part of the state of Virginia was separated as a new state, West Virginia, and Charleston became its capital in 1870. As the capital, the state government building was built here, and Charleston grew as the new administrative center. In the 1900s, industry and transport caused new growth in the city, where at one point more than 85,000 lived within the city limits.

Today, Charleston is a pleasant city with several sights and attractions, with a city center that is manageable to enjoy on foot with short distances. Downtown is along the Kanawha River, and you can start at the intersection of Court Street and Virginia Street. Here is the city hall and the Kanawha County Courthouse, which stands as one of Charleston’s finest public buildings. The courthouse was built in the so-called Richardsonian Romanesque style in 1892. The neoclassical town hall is newer and dates from 1921.

Near the Kanawha County Courthouse, you can see the Municipal Auditorium, another landmark structure in downtown Charleston. The Art Deco Municipal Auditorium was built in 1939 as the largest theater in West Virginia. The monolithic Art Deco exterior is stylistically matched by a beautiful interior, and the building stands as an impressive monument of its time.

One of Charleston’s biggest attractions is south of downtown. It is the West Virginia State Capitol, which is the state government building and thereby the seat of the West Virginia Senate and House of Delegates. The state was formed from part of Virginia in 1863, and after occupying several buildings in Wheeling and Charleston, politicians moved into the current State Capitol in 1932. The front of the building overlooks the Kanawha River.

When you are at the State Capitol, you can visit the neighboring building which is home to the West Virginia State Museum. It is considered like a West Virginia national museum for the state. The exhibits cover West Virginia’s natural and cultural history, and you can also see art, geology, paleontology and much more. You can also go to the nearby Clay Center with, the science museum The Avampato Discovery Museum and the art museum Juliet Art Museum.

Capitol Street is another great place in Charleston. Along the street, there are rows of old brick buildings, and they form a unique urban space, spiced up by a lot of restaurants and shops along the street. Continuing to the northeast end of the street, you can visit the interesting Capitol Market.

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